40 PDP Senators Granted Automatic Ticket to Contest in 2015 Election

40 PDP Senators Granted Automatic TicketPresident Goodluck Jonathan has finally accepted to allow the bulk of senators elected under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to be granted automatic tickets to contest in the 2015 elections.
The information on how the arrangement would be worked out were not disclosed. Our source has it that the lawmakers and the president agreed that at least 40 senators will be given automatic ticket. Also, they will be allowed to return to the legislature if they win the election.

The president had met the Senators Granted Automatic Ticket last Wednesday where the lawmakers allegedly tabled their grievances for Jonathan to address.

Our source at the PDP national headquarters in Abuja told said that the senators initially requested that all of them be given right of refusal so that there won’t be rancor that usually trails party primaries.

Meanwhile, it was noted that such an option may have not been popular because some of the senators are not particularly sell-able to the electorate because of their abysmal achievement.

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