Bizarre! 8 Year Old Chinese Girl Hung By Father

An eight year old Chinese girl was hung outside her house by her father. Her crime was that she tore her parents divorce papers. Obviously, she didn’t want to accept the fact that her parents were separating, so she tore the divorce papers.

In her anger session, she broke a bottle of alcohol and smashed the furniture in the house. Her infuriated dad resolved to solve her by beating her and hanging her on a rope at their house.

8 Year Old Chinese Girl Hung By Father

8 Year Old Chinese Girl Hung By FatherHe eventually sent the pictures and video clip to his ex wife to “teach her a lesson” who unfortunately for him alerted the police and took the issue up seriously.

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He has been arrested by the local police in Guangyuan City’s Jiange County in South Western China. The victim who barely survived was taken to a hospital for treatment. The trauma still lies in her heart.

Poor girl!

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