A Teenager Arrested in Spain For Helping The ISIS Members

Report coming from Spain has it that a 19 year old teenager who hails from the North-Eastern city of Figueres (Spain) was arrested on charges of assisting the “Self Declared Islamic State” (DAESH), on Tuesday.

Jorge Fernandez-Diaz, the Spanish Minister of Interior, in his statement said that the Spanish national police arrested the woman because she established a support network linking DAESH gang and affiliates.

He further said she allegedly sent fighters to the areas under DAESH control through safe routes and gave them advice about security measures they had to take into account to avoid being caught.

Fernandez-Diaz said she was also thought to have conversed with people who had radical social media profiles and helped spread DAESH ideas and terrorist attacks online.

A Teenager Arrested in Spain For Helping The ISIS Members

He said the detention followed another one of Saturday when an 18-year-old woman was arrested in Gandia, Valencia, for spreading the ideas of DAESH.

The minister said she was also distributing its activities and helping in recruiting other women to join the group.

Fernandez-Diaz promised the public that Spain would not let down its guard.

Also He painted out that Spanish security forces who are in charge of fighting terrorism had arrested not less than 70 people for allegedly having links with jihadists, and particularly with DAESH.

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