Breaking News – Burkina Faso Agrees on Transition Plan

Burkina Faso’s political parties, army, and civil society groups have agreed on a transition government to guide the West African country to elections following the ouster of President Blaise Compaoré.
The agreement that was decided has called for the establishment of a 90-member parliament ahead of the elections, that will take place on November 2015.
Meanwhile, 40 parliament seats will be allocated to the opposition, 30 to civil society representatives, 10 to military representatives, and the remaining 10 to Compaore’s political allies.

Burkina Faso Agrees on Transition Plan

They agreed that the transitional body will also include a civilian president and a 25-minister government. Also, Members of the interim government will not be allowed to stand in the next year’s presidential and legislative elections.

The document is to be handed over to the country’s acting head of state, Lieutenant Colonel Yacouba Isaac Zida, and the military for more talks and possible changes.

Zida assumed power after the resignation of Compaoré after he was forced to step down on October 31 following the two days of mass protests against his attempts to change the constitution to prolong his rule for a fifth term.

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