Breaking News: Tennis star Li Na is expecting a baby


Li Na is expecting a baby

Li Na is expecting a baby –  The two-time grand slam champion, who retired from tennis in 2014, has announced  the news about her pregnancy at the Australian Open in the Rod Laver Stadium.
“Me and Dennis, we are so excited,” the 32-year-old Li said, referring to her husband, in an on-court ceremony at the Melbourne tournament where she won her second grand slam in 2014.

“I think Dennis is doing a good job,” she added, before quipping, “He just made one ace.” her husband was in the stands as China’s pioneering tennis player revealed the impending arrival of the couple’s first child this summer.

Li made it to the top at both the French (2011) and the Australian Open (2014) to become the highest ranked Asian player the world, peaking at number two in the world.

Not just 15,000 friends — there’s also China’s 1.3 billion population after Li’s sporting success made her a household name in the country of her birth.

Report has it that over 100 million Chinese watched the live TV coverage of her 2011 French Open win, Its the biggest TV audience for a single sports event in China.

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