Canada Found Missing Ship Since 1845!

One of the two ships lost during an arctic expedition in 1845 has finally been found. the found missing ship was made known by the prime minster.

British explorer Sir John Franklin, and his new 128 man crew, and their two ships vanished more than 160 years ago searching for a route through the Canadian Arctic to the Pacific. Due to melting Arctic ice, the Northwest passage has recently begun to up.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the discovery on Tuesday, heralding the finding as an important moment in the history of the country. ” this has been a grate Canadian story and mystery and the subject of scientists,historians writers and singers so i think we really have an important day in mapping the history of our country.”

The original search of the missing ship ended in 1859 when the British Navy found a note stuck into a rock indicating  that the bodies of two English seamen–John Hartnell, 25, and Royal Marine William Braine.33– were exhumed in 1986. An expedition uncovered the perfectly preserved remains of a pretty officer, John Torrington, 20, in an ice-filled coffin in 1984. Since then explorers have discovered the remains of Francklin’s crew but has not found no sign of Franklin or either of his missing ships until the discovery this week.



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