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London News Update – Vehicle Clears Pedestrians At Rock Street

London’s Metropolitan Police reported that officers were called near after midnight Sunday to an incident where a London vehicle clears pedestrians on Seven Sisters Road. A lot of casualties were involved in this fatal accident and according to the police one person was arrested and inquires are being made on the case.

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Taiwan Celebrates As Court Approves Gay Marriage

court approves gay marriage Gay marriage is the marriage between people of the same sex. The recognition of same sex marriage is a political, social and religious problem in many countries. Some court documents that were filed by American scientific associations state that singling gay men and women as ineligible for marriage both stigmatizes and invites public discrimination against them. 

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President Trump Sacks FIB Director Jame Comey

President Trump Sacks FIB Director Jame Comey Following a statement from White House spokesman Sean Spicer, President Trump Sacks FIB Director Jame Comey on Tuesday. This is because his  responsible for the bureau’s investigation into whether members of his campaign team colluded with Russia in its interference in last year’s U.S presidential election.

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