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4 Best Way To Keep Your Phone Secure

Phones, just like any other digital device are prone to be hacked or have their security breached, this can be very disastrous for the owner especially if you have sensitive files on the phone. This is why it is very important to make sure that your phone is well-secured and immune to any form of security breached.


A lot of people must have heard of truecaller, an app that helps reveal the name of the person calling you even though you haven’t formerly saved the name, and will describe it as very useful. But a lot of people might not have heard of the ‘truemessenger’ app. Just like truecaller, truemessenger reveals the identity of the person who …

Nigerian Police Force Past Questions and Answers – Download PDF Format Here

You are about to download Nigerian Police Force Past Questions and Answers in PDF format on this page. Just as the Nigeria Police Recruitment is ongoing, bear in mind that those selected will undergo screening exercise test. That is why I recommend you to get the Nigerian Police Force PDF past questions and answers which covers some of the vital …
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