Ebola Virus: New Ebola Case in Texas

Ebola Case in Texas – The Deadly Ebola virus which has killed thousand of people in West Africa has found its way into United State of America. According to the Texas Department of  State Health Service, Another health worker has tested positive of the deadly Ebola Virus, at the Presbyterian Hospital in Texas, United State.The unidentified worker that provided care for Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan has now contacted the Ebola Virus, Following the preliminary test that was done at the state public health laboratory in Austin, in-which the result was released later.

Ebola Virus: New Ebola Case in Texas

This second case was reported after another health worker, Nina Pham, became the first person that was infected by the deadly Ebola Virus in the country.

This health worker, Nina Pham was caring for Duncan, who later died on 8 October 2014.

Health officials have  interviewed the patient to quickly identify and notify any contacts or potential exposures, so that those people that came in contact will be monitored.

Meanwhile the head of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response, Anthony Banbury, made it known that the recent international efforts are not enough to stop this deadly Virus.



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