An Explosion Blast at NSW Fireworks Factory

An Explosion Blast at NSW Fireworks Factory.

An explosion that occurred  at a central west NSW fireworks factory, which was heard and felt more than 30km away. The pyrotechnics factory in Bogan Gate, about 35km west of Parkes, went up in flames on Sunday afternoon.
No workers were at the facility that was used to store fireworks and black powder products.

“I’m told there was lots of red and yellow smoke,” Inspector David Cooper of Lachlan Local Area Command said.

A number of residents in the immediate vicinity of the factory had to be evacuated and a 2km exclusion zone was put in place.

A number of buildings and nearby grass are on fire at the facility on Condobolin Road.

Several homes were being evacuated but there have been no reported injuries.

Fire crews are not able to reach the fire because of dangerous conditions but the Rural Fire Service (RFS) said no properties were under threat.

“There were about 20 residents on a nearby property and most of those self evacuated,” Inspector Cooper said.

A number of buildings caught on fire at the site, which was once a military base, RFS reported.

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