How to Buy Airtime Online in Nigeria Using QuickTeller

How to Buy Airtime Online in Nigeria

How to Buy Airtime Online in Nigeria – I can now recharge my mobile phone online, without going to buy airtime at the retail center just by using QuicTeller. Now i will simply show you how you can recharge your phone or buy airtime online in nigeria any where you are.

This easy way of buying airtime online is by through QuickTelletr. All you need to do is just register with them. You can also get other benefit such as paying your bills online, transfer money without writing cheque or carrying your money around, when you register on QuickTeller.

How to Buy Airtime Online in Nigeria

1. Go to and register

2. login with your Username and Password

3. After logging in Click on Buy Airtime

4. Select your Network and enter your phone number

5. A confirmation page will require you to authorize the transaction

6. An inter switch page will open for you to enter your ATM card details

7. Click on Pay button.

I know that with the above steps, you can buy airtime online in Nigeria using QuicTeller.

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