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How to Create LinkHow to create Link : Hyperlinks are crucial part of the internet. Links allow users to click on a piece of text or an image and propelled towards another web page. they are integral to the experience of web browsing.

Creating a hyperlinks from text allows you to navigate your viewers through your web page as well as send them to other web pages. Here, you will learn how to create a link in your web pages.


Creating hyperlinks as part of your website requires only a short snippet of HTML code.

Step 1:

Creating a Basic Link

( 1 ) Create the text or image you want to use as a Link: Links are created using a simple HTML tag when editing the code of your website. First, you should create the content that will be placed inside the tag. This can be text, an image, or another HTML element.

( 2 ) Surround the content you created with the tags: Hyperlinks are indicated using a simple tag, closed with the corresponding tag. These tags won’t be functional if used without any attributes, but can add those soon.

( 3 ) Add the “href” attribute to indicate the hyperlink’s destination: The “href” attribute tells the browsers where to direct the user once the link is clicked. It is followed by an equals sign, which is followed by the destination web address in questions.

Continuing with the example above, your link might look like this: Click here to visit my webpage.

Note that if the links destination is an external website, you must include the entire URL (remember to add “http”). If the page name is specified, as above, the current page directory will be used as the parent directory.

Step 2

Adding modifiers

( 1 ) Create an image Link: This is done by simply adding an image tag within the link tags. You will need the address of the hosted image. Example: <a href=”the_intended_link_url.html”><img src=”the_picture_in_question.jpg” /></a

( 2 )Create an email Link using the “mailto:” modifier. To create a link which will begin composing an email messages to a particular address, use the “mailto: modifier just before the person’s email address. An email link might look like this: Click here to ask a question or voice a concern.

( 3 ) Create anchors within a large web page to be referenced later: If you need to link to a specified portion of a web page, you need to use an anchor. Anchors are useful in large pages with a table of contents; each section of the text can be assigned an anchor to which a table of contents can link. Note: Anchors are created using the “name” attribute.

I believe that with above steps, you will be able to Create a LINK. If this information is helpful, kindly drop your comments below.

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