Iraq News: Iraqi Forces Killed at Least 80 ISIL Terrorists

Iraq News – The Iraqi forces have killed at least 80 ISIL Takfiri element today during intense fighting in some areas in the capital city of the province, al-Ramadi. this was announced by the Iraqi security sources.Ramadi police chief also said that army troops have succeeded in securing the key rout in the western area and expanded their control over a greater area.

Al-anbar Province, which borders war-ravaged Syria, has been a major stronghold of the ISIL Takfiri and continues to be largely controlled by the terror members.

This is why the army has recently scored major gains in the area with Iraqi troops repelling a significant attack by the terror groups on a strategic town of Amryat al-Fallujah, 42 km west of the capital, Baghdad

Over the recent weeks, Iraq News has it that some of the Iraqi army troops and volunteer forces have killed a large number of Takfiri terrorist group in their mop-up operation across the Arab country.

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