In times when the prices of things are increasing, it is important that we save as much as possible. The collection of this handy hints and useful tips in this article aims to help you trouble shoot problems of such nature in a simple and most economical way.

In most cases, we do not need sophisticated and expensive products in our homes management.

Most of us have probably at one time or other been faced with or wondered about little problems such as:

  • How can stains or spots be removed from cloths?
  • How do we make cut flowers last longer?
  • How do we keep lettuces fresh?
  • How can we peel onions without tears?
  • How do we make candle burn longer and better?

In this article, you’ll just got the answers you need, to help you handle all the problem.


How to Make Cake Soap Last Longer

To make a cake of soap last for you, just remove the wrappers and let them dry under the hot sun for few days before using them.

Lengthening the Life Span of Your Sponge Mop

Put a plastic polythene bag over the head after using the sponge mop. This will minimize drying out and cracking.

Getting Ketchup Out of a Fresh Bottle

Sometimes you find ketchup won’t flow out of a fresh bottle despite some shaking. Insert a straw and push it to the bottom. Enough air will be admitted to start even flow.

Easing Drawers that Stick

To ease a drawer that stick, rub the runners with candle wax or soap. The drawers will run smoothly.

Separating Stuck Postage Stamps

When postage stamps are stuck together, place them in the freezer of the refrigerator. They will usually come apart and the glue can still be used again.

How to Make a Candle Burn Last Longer

To make a candle burn last longer, put your candles for a few hours in the freezing compartment of your refrigerator before using them. They will burn longer and better.

Keeping a Young Puppy Quiet

A young puppy sometimes makes a lot of noise because it is lonely. Put a clock that ticks as a company for the puppy in its kennel.

Making a Curtain Rails Smooth

Sometimes you find it difficult to draw the curtains because the curtain rails are unsmooth. Apply some talcum powder on the rail.

Using a New Frying Pan

Before using a new frying pan, sprinkle it with some salt and then rub the pan with some paper. This will smooth-en the surface and bring about a non-stick effect.

How to Peel Soft Orange

Sometimes you find it difficult to peel soft oranges, to make it easy, put the oranges into your refrigerator for few hours. Peeling it will be much easy.

Separating Egg Yolk from Its White

Break the egg into a saucer. Get a tumbler or a glass whose diameter roughly corresponds to that of the egg yolk. Invert the tumbler over the egg yolk and pour off the white.

Preventing Hard-Boiled Egg from Becoming Discolored

After boiling the eggs, put them immediately into cold water.

How to Treat Chocolate Stains in Clothes

Soak the soiled spots in some glycerin. Then wash as usual.


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