List of Common WordPress Security Threats

Common WordPress Security Threats.

WordPress Security ThreatsList of common WordPress Security Threats – There are a very large number of possible online security threats. Here, you will see list of the most common ones that you would like to protect your WordPress blog or website from.

List of common WordPress Security Threats

  1. Spyware

This is a group of security threats that any WordPress developer should take precautions against. Spyware includes Trojan horse, Key Loggers, Adware and Dialers. The main objective of these types of threats is to steal sensitive  information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, account numbers, bank information, etc.

2. Malware

Malware is short for malicious or malevolent software. Malware includes security threats that attempt to disrupt your computer’s performance, gain access to sensitive information and access private systems. Malware is often noticeable when an attack slows down a computer or server significantly. If malware is on your server with WordPress, you may recognize a substantial loss of speed on your WordPress site.

 3. Spam

Spam is the unsolicited use of space on your website by attackers seeking free advertising that you would never probably otherwise allow on your WordPress site. While these threats are sometimes not as dangerous as spyware or malware, they are a major inconvenience and can negatively affect your WordPress blog’s SEO and your position in search engine rankings. Span is not quality content. These days, search engines rank according the quality and freshness
of content on a website. Therefore it is important to illuminate any spam from your blog or website with the use of anti-spamming techniques.

  4. Viruses:

Viruses are programs inserted into your WordPress server by a hacker who has either inserted a virus in something that you have uploaded to the site or has gained access to the server and uploaded it directly. Some common sources of viruses for WordPress installations can come from working on your WordPress site. They rang from an unsecured location such as an internet cafe, uploading plugins or themes from an untrusted source and leaving your server vulnerable to attacks.

Viruses can either start working immediately to damage your server. While some are set to be activated at a later date in order to mask where they came from. It can be nearly impossible to determine the source of a virus if it is activated weeks or months after you have been infected by it.

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