Nawaz Sharif Visits Karachi to witness ‘Sea Spark 2015’

Nawaz Sharif has arrived in Sindh province’s capital city Karachi on Wednesday to witness the ongoing Pakistan Navy exercise ‘Sea Spark2015’ in the Arabian Sea, Radio Pakistan reported.

Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah received him at karachi Airport. despite witnessing the Pakistan Navy exercise, Nawaz will also hold a high-level meeting to review the law and order situation in the city considered as Pakistan’s economic hub.

In the process of the meeting, Nawaz Sharif will be briefed the progress of ongoing Karachi operation, which was launched in September 2013 to free the city of criminals and people associated with terrorist outfits.

Nawaz Sharif Visits Karachi to witness ‘Sea Spark 2015’

This years exercise  involves all operational units of the navy, including ships, submarines, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, special forces and marines, along with elements of the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, Pakistan Air Force and the army.

Also on Monday, the Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah, joined by Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, visited the fleet units at sea. He pointed out on the importance of maintaining constant vigil at sea in view of the prevailing security environment.

The exercise will conclude on Nov 12.

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