Nigerian News: Female Bombers Kill Four in Kano Market

Two female suicide bombers have killed at least four people at a busy market in northern Nigeria’s largest city Kano on Wednesday, Not less than two weeks after the horrific attack at the city’s central mosque. Boko Haram has been accused of deploying  female bombers in recent months, including in Kano, and blame for the latest violence will likely fall on the Islamist insurgents.

Adenrele Shinaba,the Kano state police commissioner  said the blast at the Kantin Kwari market in Kano city was “a twin suicide bombing carried out by two young girls in hijab”.

Nigerian News: Female Bombers Kill Four in Kano Market

“They came by the market and asked to be directed to a public convenience. The bombs detonated, killing them and four others,” he said. At least seven others were injured, he added.

In a statement made by the  leader of the market traders union, Abdullahi Abubakar, said the blasts hit a parking area rather than the main market. He added that the attackers were in their late teens and they were accompanied by a man who disappeared after the girls blew up themselves

Blood stained the walls and floors of affected buildings following the blasts. Angry youths gathered on the area and were kept at bay by police and soldiers.

The bombers’ remains were then taken away.

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