Nigerian Senate Approved Seven Years Imprisonment for ‘Yahoo Boyz’

Nigerian Senate Approved Seven Years Imprisonment for “Yahoo Boyz”

The bill which was sponsored by senator Adegbenga Kaka has prescribed a penalty of seven years imprisonment was for cyber crimes and online fraud perpetrators in NigeriaThe bill which tagged: “A bill for an Act to Provide for the Prevention, Prohibition, Detection, Response, Investigation and Prosecution of Cyber-crimes and Other Related Matters 2014”, seeks among other objectives to persecute the interception of data, system interference and misuse of devices.

In the report considered by Upper Chamber, any person found guilty of possessing a manipulative device,unauthorized automatic teller machine card, damaging a computer with the intention to defraud customers or financial institutions will be sentenced to seven years imprisonment or pay a fine of seven million Naria ( N7,000000).

The bill also indicate that anyone who knows that a crime has been committed in his premises or cybercafe and fails to report to authorities within one week will be jailed for three years or pay a fine of two million Naria ( N 2000000).

The bill also stated that anyone who commits any offense in relation to critical national information infrastructure will be stiffly punished with 10 years imprisonment without option of fine, and any person who commits such a crime resulting in bodily harm will be jailed for 15 years imprisonment.

The Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, explained that enforcing anti-cyber crime law is very important because there was no computer at the time penal and criminal code came into force.

He also said that Nigeria, which is known to be a cyber crime nation, would get wrong perception removed with the passage of the bill and application of its outline penalties to internet fraudsters.

The decision of the Senate on the Cyber-crime bill was made to the recommendation of the Senate Committee on Judiciary Human Rights.

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