Pakistan News: Turkish special force Trained 500 Corporals in Rawalpindi

 Turkish special force are training the first batch of 500 corporals for the Anti-Terrorism Force (ATF). They will complete its training in the first week of the next month.

About 500 corporals of the newly-formed Anti-Terrorism Force, 71 will join the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Rawalpindi following nine more months of training at Elite Police Training School in Lahore.

The trainers included foreign and military experts and the syllabus will base on operation, intelligence and investigation.

A senior police official said Rs300 million had been given to the CTD for training the corporals.

During training the corporals were paid a salary of Basic Pay Scale-5 and after the completion of the training Rs50,000 would be given to the corporals as a risk allowance. They will receive the latest weapons and other resources for mobility and may also be given helicopters.

The official also said that other than the 71 corporals will be joining CTD in Rawalpindi, the rest would be deployed in other districts of Punjab. Adding that the corporals will work under the Additional Inspector General of Police CTD.

Meanwhile, the recruiting  of corporals in the CTD would help the government to implement its National Action Plan for counter-terrorism, he said.

A total of 1,500 corporals for the ATF were selected and recruited by the Punjab government in March last year thorough the National Testing System (NTS).

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