Pakistan News: Two Murder Convicts Executed in Kashmir

Two Murder Convicts Executed in Kashmir


They were hanged at 6:30 this morning. Both of them were awaiting executions since 2012, when all their appeals were dismissed, said the jail superintendent in Mirpur, Irshad Hussain Jarral.

The two Murderals  identified as Mohammad Riaz and Mohammad Fayaz were executed in the city of Mirpur on Friday after being found guilty of killing the son of the advocate general of Azad Kashmir,Fazzal Rabbani, in 2004.
They were been sentenced to 10 years in prison before, with both having to pay a fine. However, the victim’s family took the case to Azad Kashmir Supreme Court, which changed the punishment to death penalty in November 2005.

According to Abdul Hameed Mughal, additional secretary for home affairs in Kashmir, the executions were the first to be carried out in the region since January 2005.

The executions bring the total number of people hanged in Pakistan to 24, since Islamabad ended a six-year moratorium on the death penalty last December.

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