Palestinian News: Man Dies of Wound on Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip Gaza Strip – A Palestinian man identified as Mahmoud al-Sheikh Eid al Zamili seem to been severely damaged after the military onslaught on the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian health prationals said that the man was seriously injured. Zamili was later transferred to a hospital in Egypt where he succumbed to the damages. the man’s body has been transported back to Gaza through the border of Rafah for his funeral.

Israel started penetrating the Gaza Strip in July introducing heavy losses on the Palestinian people. Mostly 1,970 Palestinians have been killed on which children , women and the old ones.Nearly 1o,500 other has sustain a very big sever injuries so far.

Palestinian developers made it known that it will cost less than $10 billion to rebuild and replace the besieged Gaza Strip, which was damaged during the recent Israeli attack.

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