Picts: Justin Bieber buys Himself a Private Jet for Christmas


Justin B

The 20-year-old appeared pop singer to gift himself a plush private jet this Christmas, blasting out boastful pictures of the new plane to his 20 million-plus Instagram followers on Friday.

“New jet for Christmas, and she’s beautiful,” the “Baby” singer captioned one photo, showing him inside the cabin of the aircraft.

Justin Bieber buys Himself a Private Jet

The 20-year-old pop singer shared a couple of photos on Instagram, captioning them ‘Merry Christmas she’s a beauty’.

Bieber appeared to spend Christmas Eve between his dad’s house in Canada, with half-brother Jaxon, and a boozy hometown party.

“Small town boy at heart no harm in a little #beerpong,” he wrote on one photo of a small group of youngsters standing around tables filled with red cups.

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