40 thoughts on “Sign Up Hitwe Dating Site Free on www.hitwe.com To Make New Friends

  1. Fay says:

    I am Fay, I want to delete my account on hitwe.com .please help.

    thank you

  2. stela says:


  3. mohsinbutt says:


  4. Jayneday says:

    I’m already on Hitwi but I would like to subscribe for a month how do l do that

  5. Menon says:

    my account was deactivated…how do i activate it.

  6. Md.Tofazzal says:

    Hitwe Test.

  7. Hi I am Erin , please help me to delete my Hitwe account. Many thanks Erin

  8. osei kwame says:

    hi i want a new friend like you

  9. lovelybabygh1 says:

    hello i am hawa and nice to meet all of u
    add me on gmail lovelybabygh1

  10. Sydney says:

    can you send me unsubscribe link because your notifications are starting to harrass me and its against the law to give a product without such link

    • We are sorry about that, Kindly go to your inbox and unsubscribe to our mail

  11. tahar says:

    i went new women from holland

  12. sulemana yakubu says:

    please help me to reactive my hitwe.com

  13. randy says:

    iwant to delete my hitwe account igot wat iwanted amarried.but still reciev mails.its affecting my marriage.give me details on how to delete.thanks though

  14. diana says:

    hi,my account was disactivated how can i reactivate it

  15. THATO says:

    I want to unsubscribe from receiving the e-mails from the site because they are consuming much of my data bundle I would be very happy if you respect my wish I thank you..

    • We are sorry for the inconvenience, you can do so by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email that you receive from us.

  16. Papa-G says:

    Keep them coming…

  17. Papa-G says:

    hi, are you male or female…

  18. Khotso says:

    I want to delete my account from hitwe.com and please can you assist

  19. helen gimbiya says:


  20. angela dugan says:


  21. rem says:

    interesting chat with people

  22. Terrell says:

    This blog is now part of my reading bookmarks, keep
    up the interesting work!

  23. shanum says:

    Hi I’m shanum nyc to meet u all

  24. sourab says:

    hi male from siliguri male looking for hot date

  25. trudyann says:

    Hi my name is Trudy-Ann

  26. khurshed says:


  27. Osei -bonsu josephina says:

    Hi am new here and thanks for accepting my request.

  28. Rashid.ok says:

    Pls delete my account

  29. Jacobz says:

    I like this web site

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