Terrorists will be Demolished in Pakistan, says Prime Minister Nawaz

Pakistan News Update – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his address to the state after midnight said the time of terrorists were numbered in Pakistan and they would be managed in a bad way.

In his televised presentation, the prime minister said that the terrorist invasion on Army Public School in Peshawar has changed Pakistan.

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“The Peshawar atrocity has changed Pakistan, we need to  eliminate the mentality involving terrorism to beat extremism as well as sectarianism.

“This horrific attack has has shaken the nation, the terrorists struck the future of this country when they murdered those children,” the PM said, introducing, “A sturdy activity is needed to underlying away the menace involving extremism through society”.

Terrorists will be Demolished in Pakistan, says Prime Minister Nawaz

The PM discussed other points in the national action strategy including the raising of an anti-terrorism task force.

He also stressed on the decision to put a complete blackout of militant groups on media,in conjunction with setting stringent actions to avoid terrorists through online and social media to multiply their propaganda.

Some other actions include making Necta functional, regularization involving madrassas, repatriation involving Afghan refugees as well as lowering money involving terrorist groups.

He also maintain that Pakistan will not allow its soil to be used for attacks on its neighbors and it expects the same from others in the region.

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