Three Foreign Workers Abducted in Nigeria

Three expatriate construction workers, including two Pakistanis, were kidnapped on Friday in Nigeria’s Bayelsa state in the delta region.  The men were kidnapped on Friday in the town of Emakalakala in the Ogbia area, a few miles away from the construction base, said Anka Mustapha, a spokesman for the security forces in the area.

A witness who declined to be named for fear of reprisals said he saw sporadic shooting in the air before the men were pulled into a waiting speed boat.

Three Foreign Workers Abducted in Nigeria

“A very intense search is on to locate and rescue them,” said Anka Mustapha, spokesman for the state’s Joint Task Force, which includes the military and police.

At least nine people were abducted in the delta region in late October. Kidnapping for ransom, often targeting foreign oil workers, frequently occurs in the petroleum-rich Niger Delta.

The heavily polluted Niger Delta is Nigeria’s main oil-producing region.


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