Two Physically Deformed Sisters Share Beautiful Photos Of Themselves

The Two Physically Deformed Sisters Asia Mekole and India Janee were born with a genetic face deformity.

Physically Deformed SistersThe same one their mother had and the two sisters have shown the world true bravery by sharing their amazing, gorgeous and beautiful photos on social media.

In an Instagram post shared by one of the sisters India Janes she said “that despite their deformities and looking so different, she believes she is created in Gods image and that she is grateful.

She captioned the image of herself and her sister and their mother saying:

“we were created in Gods image, God makes no mistakes. To put yourself down for the way you are is to insult Gods handiwork. We are beautiful and human just like everyone “.

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Indias Instagram page is filled with the photos of the sisters living life happily and not caring what anyone thinks.

Physically Deformed Sisters

Despite enduring a lot of hate from people the two sisters are a good example of what it means to be grateful for blessings and ignoring negative or hurtful messages.

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