US Man Sentenced to 6 Years in Jail in North Korea

A court in North Kora has sentenced a 24 years old US citizen to six years in prison with hard labor after being convicted of hostile act against the East Asian country.Matthew Miller who is from California state, entered North Korea on April 10, and refuse not to travel with staff from an American company that organized his trip.

He was detained in April for violating his tourist status, was sentenced on Sunday for entering the country illegally under the guise of a tourist and attempting to commit an act of espionage.

US Man Sentenced to 6 Years in Jail in North Korea

Miller and other two other American detainees were allowed to be interviewed by our reporters, but Miller did not make any statement on why he tore up his visa.

Miller therefore called on the US government to help him and complained that the officials in Washington are not doing well on how to assist in his case.

Miller is one of the three American citizens currently being held in North Korea. Kenneth Bae was held in 2012 and is serving a 15 years in prison for hostile acts. Jeffery Fowle, 56 years old, was detained in May. Miller said that he was ready to violate the law in North Korea before arriving in the country and expected to be detained and spend 6 years in jail.

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