Virgin Mary’s Image grows on tree in Iowa

The mysterious image of what many are calling a perfect likeness to the Virgin Mary can be seen on the side of tree located at the intersection between 3rd Street and Bridge Road in Polk City, Iowa. The report explains that the shape in the tree is about 6 feet tall. It has residents asking what it really means.
While many claim it is the likeness of the Virgin Mary, others say it looks like Jesus. Still others claim to see the image of Mother Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms. There are, of course, skeptics who claim the image on the tree is only an illusion. They claim people only see what they want to see.

What you believe about the mysterious image on the tree in Polk City, Iowa likely depends on your personal belief system. Whether it is a case of divine intervention or simply the mind playing tricks on you doesn’t seem to matter. Each will see what he wants to see.

Virgin Mary’s Image grows on tree in Iowa

According to a KEYE TV report, some are so taken with the image that they have begun to place flowers at the feet of what they believe is the image of Virgin Mary. In fact, some claim that this is a case of divine intervention. They believe that the image is a message from God.

Scientists and skeptics might claim the image is nothing more than a case of pareidolia where the human mind strives to make sense out of chaotic images and perceives them as something they are not. This typically means seeing human faces or human forms where none exists. Many believe that pareidolia causes religious people to see religious symbolism, such as Jesus and Mary, when they do not really exist.

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