Why Presidential Jet Crashed In Markudi, the Cause of Agusta AW 101 Downfall

Why Presidential Jet Crashed In Markudi – Nigerian Air force jet Agusta AW 101 specially designed for military operations have crashed at the Nigerian Air force base in markudi. This jet (Agusta AW 101) was recently handed over to the Nigerian air force by the federal government.

Why Presidential Jet Crashed In Markudi

The jet crashed due to poor training of crew members saddled to man the operations of the aircraft, there are damages on the jet but thank God no life was lost.

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When the Nigerian air force PRO Group captain Dele Famiyiwa was contacted, he denied the report that one of the air craft’s crashed. He said

“it was not a crash, wouldn’t call it a crash because it just fell on the ground in markurdi”.

He further said the crash was not as a result of poor training of crew members that the same crew had managed the aircraft at presidency.

Its been just two months the presidency handed over this expensive jet to the air force, the jet was repainted from the initial white and green to camouflage. Agusta AW 101 cost like 10.5 billion Naira.

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