Wi-Fi Password – Learn How to Recover your Lost Wi-Fi Password

Wi-Fi Password – Learn How to Recover your Lost Wi-Fi Password.

Some people keep forgetting their password all the time, but if there’s one kind of password that no one can be able to remember, it has to be with Wi-Fi password. Most people configure Wi-Fi networks once, enter the password on their device and forget about it completely. If you have forgotten your Wi-Fi password, don’t worry, am going to show you how to recover it without stress.

How to Recover your Lost Wi-Fi Password.

For Windows Users

Some time, you might have come across several apps that claim to let you recover saved Wi-Fi password. You don’t need any of those on windows PCs. Even If you don’t have administrator access on your PC, you can look up the Wi-Fi password by using these steps below. Note that this method only works when the security is set to personal, If you are connected to an Enterprise network, then this method will not show the password.

If you PC is connected to the Wi-Fi network,

1. Go to Start, Open the Control Panel, Click on Network and Sharing Center.

2. Click on Change adapter settings on the left sidebar

3. Right-click the Wi-Fi network you’re using and click on status

4. Click Wireless properties

How to Recover your Lost Wi-Fi Password

5. Click on the Security tab

6. Now you will see the name of the Wi-Fi network and the hidden password.

7. Click on Show characters to revel the save password.

For MAC.

You can see your saved Wi-Fi password through the Keychain Access app on the Mac. Here are the simple and easy way to do it.

1. Go to /Application/Utilities

2. Open Keychain Access, go to System keychain Access app on the top left.

3. Search for the Wi-Fi network you are trying to the password for, by typing the name of the network  (SSID) in the search box at the top right corner, or you can manually find it in the list.

How to Recover your Lost Wi-Fi Password4. Double click the name of the  network and in the resultant box,  click on check the show password option.

5. Enter the user account password when prompted and you will see the saved Wi-Fi password in clear text.

I believe that with this article, you will be able to recover your lost Wi-Fi password.

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