At 19 I Was Forced Into Marriage, Patience Ozokwor Exposes Her Life Story

How Patience Ozokwor Exposes Her Life Story

Patience Ozokwor is a popular Nigerian actress who won the Best Supporting Award at the 10th Africa Movie Academy. She reveals at an interview how she was forced to get married at the age of nineteen.

The Nollywood skilled actress Patience Ozokwor popularly known as Mama G exposes her life story of how she was forced to marry at the age of nineteen. Although so tender, she had many suitors coming for her. Her parents, which she explained as polygamous had urged her to get married.

According to her, she didn’t understand or see any reason behind the mystery of the whole marriage idea but had no choice. She wasn’t trained to disobey her parents and so she couldn’t turn down their proposal.

How Patience Ozokwor Exposes Her Life Story

In an interview with RTV – A Ghana television station she said;

It was not my decision to get married at 19. I was forced into it many years ago and I did not see any reason why my parents were forcing me as I was still young”

She had explained that during that period when her parents had forced her to get married, a sutor had come and her mother gave her the go ahead. She had no choice but to do it.

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When she was asked if she enjoyed the marriage, she had answered that she did not. This is probably because she was so young. She explained that she had to linger on the marriage because er parents were watching her critically.

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