20 Most Expensive Universities in Nigeria

Counting on the Most Expensive Universities in Nigeria, the American University of Nigeria (ABTI-AUN), Yola, Adamawa State, founded by ex- Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, has been revealed not to be the most expensive of the private universities within Nigeria. BABCOCK UNIVERSITY takes the peak.

In Afe Babalola University (ABUAD) Ekiti State, owned by authorized personality, Chief Afe Babalola, fees range from N675,000 to N1,125,000 depending on the faculty and choice of accommodation type.

Here, are the list of 20 Most Expensive Universities in Nigeria

SNName of UniversityAmount Paid per annum.
1BABCOCK UNIVERSITYFrom N620,000 to N3 million
3AFE BABALOLA UNIVERSITYFrom N675,000 to N1,075,000
4IGBINEDION UNIVERSITYFrom N540,000 to N820,000
5BOWEN UNIVERSITYFrom N500,000 to N750,000
6CRAWFORD UNIVERSITYFrom N400,000 to N600,000.
7REDEEMER’S UNIVERSITYFrom N500,000 to N650,000
8Lead City UniversityN550,500
9Caleb UniversityN 505,000
10Ajayi Crowder UniversityN 500,000
11Benson IdahosaN 500,000
12Joseph Ayo Babalola UniversityN436,000
13Covenant UniversityN 432,000
14Achievers UniversityN420,000
15Novena UniversityN 400,000
16Adeleke University,EdeN 350,000
17Rhema UniversityN 325,000
18Lagos State UniversityBetween N240,000 and N345,000
19Obong University NigeriaN190,00
20Oduduwa UniversityN164,000


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