2016 UEFA Champions League Prize Money – How much Real Madrid & Atletico Were Paid

How much Real Madrid and Atletico earn in UEFA Champions League prize money.

As Real Madrid has defeated Atletico in the final of 2016 Champions League, what comes in the mind of football fans is how much will be paid to the UEFA Champions League winner and also UEFA Champions League Prize Money.

UEFA Champions League is the most highest paying competition in the world. All the 32 participating clubs, including the ones that were knockout in the champions league qualifying rounds.

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According to the tv rights money distribution system used by UEFA, we were able to calculate the awesome prize of UEFA Champions League Money that was paid to Real Madrid and Atletico. We discovered that the Champions League 2015-2016 season’s total prize money pool is around €1.257 billion.

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How much Did Real Madrid and Atletico earn in UEFA Champions League prize money?

Real Madrid are entitled to around €40.6 million in market pool money plus €53.4m in performance based money, while Atletico gets €35 million in market pool plus €47m in performance based making grand total of €82 million for their 2015-2016 champions league campaign.

How much Real Madrid & Atletico Were Paid

STAGE Real Madrid Atletico Madrid
Participation Bonus €12 million €12 million
Performance Bonus  €8 million (for winning 5 group games and drawing 1) €6.5 million (for winning 4 group games + 1 Draw)
Market Pool  €40.6 million €35 million
Round of 16  €5.5 million €5.5 million
Quarter Finals  €6 million €6 million
Semifinals  €7 million €7 million
Finals  €15 million (winners) €10 million (runner ups)
TOTAL  €94 million €82 million

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