2018 World Cup Quarter-Final Draw – Brazil Vs Belgium

The 2018 World Cup Quarter-Final Draw is out. Since 14th of July, 2018, the world cup has been the major headline on most news site. There have been goals, celebration and major highlights from the tournament and it is only just getting to the interesting part.

The group stage is already over and the round of 16 has been concluded with England beating Columbia to secure their place in the next stage. And the world cup quarter-final draw is already out.

2018 World Cup Quarter-Final Draw

The matches in the round of 16 were quite breathtaking. With countries like Belgium having a late comeback against Japan who was formerly leading 2 goals to nil and Portugal having their hopes dashed after they had their late equalizer canceled out by an equally late winning goal by Uruguay.

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Much action took the spotlight in all the matches and the likes of Messi and Ronaldo who are considered the best players in football were also sent home in their country.

The round of 16 has now ended and it’s time to move to the quarter-final. The teams that qualified have been paired and below is the summary of the world cup quarter-final draw.

Summary of 2018 World Cup Quarter-Final Draw

Uruguay versus France 


Friday, 6th of July

Brazil versus  Belgium


Friday, 6th of July


Sweden versus England


Saturday, 7th of July


  Russia versus Croatia


Saturday, 7th of July


The first four teams to start the round will be Uruguay, France, Brazil, and Belgium. The matches will take two days and four teams will be going home while two teams will proceed to the semi-final.

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The games will surely be tight and the competition will be quite intense as the last 8 teams battle for a place in the semi-final and a chance to win the ultimate prize – the 2018 world cup.

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