2021 Canada Work Visa Requirement for Farm General Labors

If you wish to immigrate to work in Canada, then you must possess a Canada work visa. That is why this article will outline all the Canada work visa requirements documents for you. Just keep reading if you want to learn about how to apply for Canadian work visa with all required documents to avoid the cancellation of the work visa.

Since Canada is the most flourishing state for immigrants, there are a lot of opportunities over there. So, getting a work permit to Canada is not as easy as ABC.

Types of Canadian work visa

The Canadian government offers only two types of work visas, which are;

  1. The employer-specific work permit.
  2. Openwork permit.

Canada Work Visa Requirement

Before you proceed to apply for a Canadian work visa in 2021, you must ensure you have all required documents which include:

(1). An Approved Passport: If you have not gotten a passport yet, kindly go and obtain yours at any immigration office close to your location. Once you apply at the concerned department, it takes only a few working days and your passport will be ready.

(2). You need evidence that shows you are eligible for the job you have applied for. This could be an appointment letter from the employer or the company.

(3). Certificates and educational degrees.

(4). Proof of financial resources.

(5). Passport-sized photos captured according to the defined rules.

(6). Past work experience, a letter from the current and previous employer.

(7) Labor market impact assessment.

Canadian work visa for the farm labor job

The Canadian farming industry is growing daily. Every immigrant who has some know-how or interest in farming and farm management will try to get a job there.

Let’s say you have applied for the jobs before applying for immigration to Canada, then the work visa will be the employer-specific work permit. And you will have to get an appointment letter for the work permit.

But if you still have no job in Canada. Thinking of getting it once you immigrate, apply for the open work permit.

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Available Farm Labor Jobs in Canada

Below are reliable jobs in Canada for farm managers and farm laborers.

  • Farm Worker Vegetables by Birch Farms. Ltd

Location: Summerside, PE
Salary$: $13.00HOUR hourly for 40 to 80 hours per week
Terms of employment: Seasonal employment (Full time)
Time: Day, Evening, Weekend, Early Morning, Morning
Start date: Start date 2021-04-04

Specific Skills: Plant, cultivate and irrigate crops; Harvest crops; Examine produce for quality and prepare for market.
Education: No degree, certificate, or diploma

Specific Skills – Field Crops: Hand harvesting vegetables; Stone and/or wood picking; Vegetable culling

Type of Farm Operations: Potato and vegetable

If you wish to apply for this job, send an email to the employer email address. at [email protected].

  • General Labourer – Farm job by Colin Knill

Location: Princeton, ON
Salary$: $14.39HOUR hourly for 30 to 50 hours per week
Terms of employment: Seasonal employment (Full time)
Time: Over time, Early Morning
Start date: Start date 2021-04-01

Specific Skills: Plant, cultivate and irrigate crops; Harvest crops
Education: Secondary (high) school graduation certificate.

Anyone who can legally work in Canada can apply for this job. To apply, send an email to [email protected]

In order to apply for a job in Canada, you must meet the Canada work visa requirement so you will be able to get your work permit. Simply follow the rules to get your self a job in Canada.

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