23 Year Old Bride Dies On Her Way To Her Wedding In Russia

A 23 year old bride dies in a car crash as she rode to meet her to be husband on her wedding day. The lady, identified as Guzel Zakirova was reported to have been mixed up in the collision in Bashkortostan region in Russia. She was confirmed dead at the scene.

The groom’s mother identified as Alfiya Shafikova in her words said “They had such a bright, strong love. Shafikov was madly in love with her. He would call her after waking up in the morning, and in the evening when he was back home from work. Shafikov had her photos on his phone, on his computer. I don’t know how will he live now.”

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Guzel had already had her hair made for her occasion. She was driving to meet her groom identified as Ilnar Shafikov, 26 years when her Lana collided into a Nissan which was said to be overtaking another car on a busy road.

A girl was also in the car, she was terribly injured and rushed to the hospital. The other two people that were in the Nissan were also injured and hospitalized. Unfortunately yet pinching, it was only Guzel that died in the accident.

Her relatives arranged a funeral for her immediately.

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  1. What happen on dey way,may her soul rest in peace.

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