4 Interesting Ways To Clean Your Teeth Without Using Toothbrush

Ways To Clean Your Teeth Without Using Toothbrush

Ways To Clean Your Teeth Without Using Toothbrush

It is pleasant to have a clean teeth and quite demanding to clean them regularly. You can’t quit brushing your teeth for a day and expect to have a beautiful smile or a confident oral countenance. It is fine when you don’t have a toothbrush, it is okay if you are ambivalent about the regular cleaning of your teeth.

It is also okay if you are in a situation where you cannot afford a toothbrush. Chill,  don’t panic and try not to fret because there are other ways to make your teeth clean without the use of toothbrush.

If your toothbrush is out of reach or cannot be afforded temporarily, below are some ways you can keep your teeth clean and maintain oral your confidence:

Ways To Clean Your Teeth Without Using Toothbrush

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This method is usually used for babies when they are developing their new set of teeth. This is used because it is not advisable to introduce them to the fluoride in toothpaste. For adult, wiping your teeth with a piece of cloth is also a wonderful way of keeping your teeth clean.

To do this, you need fabric that is not too soft or hard. The texture of the cloth should be similar to that of your toothbrush back home. The best procedure is to wrap the piece of cloth around a single finger and use it as a makeshift brush.

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This is also a cool substitute. The challenges with mouthwash is that it contains certain dangerous chemicals. These chemicals can cause severe damages to the teeth and can kill the bacteria in your mouth.

This bacteria also includes the bacteria that helps in food ingestion. Mouthwash is only advisable if you have no other alternative this could do for the day. Please try not to use this too often.


Gum is perceived to be bad and impudent by some people, but it can also help to keep your teeth clean if chewed appropriately. Gum is one of the major ways to adequately increase the healthy nature of your teeth because of the development of extra saliva in the process of chewing it which is needful.

Saliva is the body’s natural mouthwash and is capable of washing away all the dangerous bacteria in there. All hidden particles are also dislodged in the process of chewing gum. Although, your least expectation should be the risk of cavities.

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Water is similar to saliva in respect to its implication on your oral health. The habit is indeed wonderful and you shouldn’t desist from it. When you visit the dentist for treatment or checkup, what do they use to wash your teeth? A high-pressure water dispenser, of course.

That’s the reason you spit into the little bowl every ten seconds when you visit the dentist. There is the presence of fluoride in water capable of destroying harmful bacteria in your teeth and gums. It also helps to wash away food particles and plaque forming on your teeth.

Try the above interesting ways to clean your teeth without using Toothbrush and testify using the comment box below.

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