5 Best Floating YouTube Player For Android Free Download

Today, am introducing some Floating Youtube Player For Android which allows you to perform multiple task while watching videos on your Android.
When you are watching video with your android phone or tablets, and you fell like you want to perform another task (write documents, send message, schedule alarms, browse internet) at the same time. You are required to  pause your video first, then minimize your video player window to do other work.

Now, With these best floating YouTube player for Android download, installed on your phone, you will simply watch your video as well as perform other task with your phone.

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5 Best Floating YouTube Player For Android Free Download

Below are the 5 best floating YouTube players available for download on android device.

1.  Awesome Pop-up Video

5 Best Floating YouTube Player For Android Free Download

This App allows you to watch any video in pop ups from your device or open a video on YouTube without downloading. With this floating YouTube player, there is no need to pause your videos whenever you receive a new message.

2. BSPlayer Free

5 Best Floating YouTube Player For Android Free Download

BSPlayer is a powerful floating video player for Android smartphones. It support multi-core HW decoding to significantly improve video playback speed. It supports all media files, stream video from internet, playlist etc.

3. DicePlayer

DicePlayer is a video player that have a Pop-up play (background/floating video playback) support. It comes with HW Accelerated Video Player (up to x2.0) with Playback speed control and Network support. So, DicePlayer now allow you to watch video both online and offline at floating window without any distraction.

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4. Stream

If you are a YouTube addict, then download floating YouTube player to play all your YouTube videos in an easy floating pop-up mode. It allows the music aficionados to make their own playlists, share them with friends, explore new music and glimpse the Top Charts of their locality.

With Stream App, you have access to hundreds of genres of music, explore the various radios based on YouTube videos.

5. Viral Floating YouTube Popup

This is specially built to play YouTube videos. Moreover, you can still play local videos available at your video gallery. You can pop-out and float your video playback window so as to perform other tasks like sending messages, emails, browsing internet, etc.

If you want to watch video while chatting with your friends, browsing internet or doing any other task,  Floating Video Players is a great tool for that.

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