5 Best Video Game You Might Want To Get This Holiday

Video games have always been exciting, especially during holidays when you have your friends and family over. But the problem with video games is that when you play bone for too long, you might get tired of it. However, the cure to that is to make sure you have a large selection that can keep you going until the holiday is over. And from soccer to action and thrillers, there are dozens of games in the game store to keep your fingers busy. In this article, we have the 5 best video games that will keep you on your toes this holiday.

With games stores and online stores like Amazon all around you. You can easily reach out and get one of the games listed here, and they are;

5 Best Video Games To Get This Holiday

Marvel Spider-man

With a movie that rocks the box office every time it comes out, there should undoubtedly be a complimenting play-it-yourself version of spider-man. And there is, this fantastic game is exclusive to play station four. But you will surely get a good run for your money.

NBA 2K19

If you are a fan of 2K games, then you certainly must know how epic the 2K series are. And this is not an exception. It features all the NBA stars in a battle that you’ll have to be prepared to venture into. You certainly want to get this game, especially if you are a basketball fan.

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Shadow of the tomb raider

This is the third game in the rebooted tomb raider franchise. Shadow is added to tell the tale of a much more brutal experience that you can have in the regular game. You will have to go through fire and the dead to halt the apocalypse in this mind thrilling game.

Call of duty Black ops 4

Call of duty has always been so amazing, right from the game on every console to PCs. This version is however intensely focused on multiplayer. You can have different great genres and play on battleground and fortnite platform. It’s still a frost person shooter, but much more refined and amazing.

Soul Caliber IV

Released on October 19, this is one of the games you wouldn’t want to drop your pad with. The game has had so many and it’s a great return of a franchise that has lost its fame over time. You can get one on online stores or check game stores around you.

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