5 Easy Way To Change Facebook Business Page Name

Without wasting your time, this post will provide you with 5 simple steps to change Facebook business page name within few minutes. Currently, Facebook.com provides a means for you to the change business page names.

It’s quite unfortunate that some people can not locate where it’s done. But you don’t need to worry again, as this tutorial will tell you how to go about it in order to successfully change your Facebook business page name. Just read on and follow the outlined steps below.

Change Facebook Business Page Name

How To Change Facebook Business Page Name in 5 Steps

  1. With any device (Desktop computer, laptop or mobile smartphone) that is connected to the internet, Login to Facebook.
  2. Now, select the arrow icon located at the upper-right corner of the page, then choose the business page you wish to change.
  3. Once you are on the business page, select the “See more” link in the left
  4. Click the “About” link in the left side of the page, then choose the “Edit” link next to the name you wish to change.Change Facebook Business Page Name
  5. Now, type in the “New Page Name”, then select “Continue” and you are done.

NOTE: Any changes you make will be reviewed by Facebook to ensure it meets their guidelines.

Your business name will likely have to be similar to the previous business name you used, or it may be rejected.

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Also, it may be rejected if it’s controversial, spammy, or contains abusive words.

If your new page name is rejected because it’s too different from the original name, you will likely have to set up a new page for your business.

If you have any question regarding this guide, kindly use the comment section below. Also, remember to share this post on your favorite social media to help inform your friends.

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