5 Intriguing Tourist Centers In Lower Silesia Poland You Should Visit

Here are the Intriguing Tourist Centers In Lower Silesia Poland you never guessed. Poland’s lower Silesia is filled with natural awe, great places and historic cities. Its wealthy region makes it fascinating for exploration and interesting tourist areas of Poland you should visit.

Intriguing tourist Centers in lower Silesia Poland

  1. Polanica-Zdroj

This area is filled with an amazingly relaxing atmosphere. It has beautiful walking paths, luxurious health resort. Its proximity to the majority of the regional attractions makes the small city of Polanica-Zdroj on of the most popular health resort destinations in Poland. Several tourists are raring to take the medicinal water from the resort. It’s indeed an amazing place you should look out for.

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Książ Castle

Książ Castle is one of the best Tourist Centers In Lower Silesia Poland which is located on a hill in the forest outside Walbrzych hides. This interesting castle hides a secret past and some of it are still yet to be discovered. The castle perches on a hill that is surrounded by forests. It’s recognized as one of the most impressive sights in the country.

The puzzling thing about this castle is that it has an enormous network of underground tunnels excavated by Nazis between 1943 and 1945.


This center has a stunning architectural design. This sight is a standout in Poland. It’s a vibrating and exciting city with lively food scene. The highlights are the economic, educational and cultural powerhouse. A concise masterpiece of the early Modernism. It’s a home to the oldest zoo in Poland.


Here’s a mix of different cultural influences. This place is set on a valley hem in by the Sudetes mountain range. Most of the buildings has a resemblance to the architecture of Czech republic.

It has a nice Gothic stone bridge. With spectacular views and an amazing appearance, here is one of the highlights of the city.

Skull Chapel

Skull Chapel is yet another Tourist Centers In Lower Silesia Poland that has a macabre collection of 3,000 skulls and bones that belonged to the victims of wars and sickness. There are also about 20,000 bones underneath in the crypt. The exterior looks like a small attractive Baroque chapel and the interior is a palace of death.

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According to Stainslawa Monuiszki, The Skull Chapel was founded in 1776 by Father Wacław Tomaszek, a local priest. He was inspired by the Capuchin cemetery in Rome. It took him 18 years to collect and clean the human remains and erect the chapel. Tomaszek’s own skull was added to the altar in 1804.

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