5 Medications That Affect Kidney You Should Avoid

There are medications that affect kidney which you take often. But you are ignorant of the damages these medications cause to your health. Surely, we seldom consider or think of our kidney, but it plays a very vital role in our body. They are in control of the body’s waste disposal and filtering system. Also known for producing urine and waste in our body.

I’m quite aware these daily medications you take are for improving your health. Meant to help our body. But most of these medications are very harmful to the kidney. According to researches being conducted on this topic, 25% of bad kidney failure also called Nephrotoxity are caused by prescribed medicines.

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Here are 5 Medications That Affect Kidney You Should Avoid

(1). Antibiotics

This is a major medication we take often. What we are ignorant of is that Tobramycin comes from the antibiotic class called aminoglycosides. This causes high harmfulness to the filtering cells in our kidney. Also antimicrobial medications (thiazide diuretics, acetazolamide, sulfonylureas and some COX-2 inhibitors) aids inflammation and swelling of the kidneys. This is so because they make crystals the kidney can’t dissolve.

(2). Antivirals

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Antivirals such as Acyclovir is dangerous to the kidney. Acyclovir is a  drug used to treat herpes and chickenpox. It produces crystals that the kidneys can’t filter. This slowly leads to urine blockage.

(3). Analgesic

These are our common Aspirin and Acetaminophen taken for fever and pain. They reduce the blood flow to the kidney. They are also capable of impairing  the function of the kidney if used regularly.

(4). Statin

Taking too much of statins is risky. It leaves you prone to risk of kidney injury. Rosuvastatin, atorvastatin and simvastatin are examples of statin drugs.

(5). Diuretic

Hydrochlorothiazide and furosemide are perfect examples of this drug. They are usually taken to reduce swelling and blood pressure. The dark side about the drug is that it aids dehydration, which increases swelling and inflammation in the kidneys.

How to avoid kidney damage from drugs

Taking drugs is not inevitable. But the damages it impends on our health can be avoided.

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How is this so?

This is possible if you monitor your intake of drugs. Take a lot of water while you’re on drugs, this helps prevent dehydration. Take it strictly according to prescription.

Furthermore, take drugs with the knowledge they all have dark side. Having this on your mind while taking drugs makes you mindful and extremely careful. Blending to natural solutions is also the best idea for this too.

Once you avoid these 5 Medications That Affect Kidney, you will be able to Stay Safe, and as well Stay Healthy!

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