5 Proven Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Going All Scratchy

Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Going All Scratchy

It’s really sore to watch your dog go all scatchy!. Here are some natural and proven tips to stop your dog from itching. Uncontrollable scratching and itching are random in dogs.  This can also be harmful to the dog. You dog may itch due to the following ten causes and reasons;

  • Parasites
  • Allergies
  • Dry skin
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Boredom and nervousness
  • Environmental allergies
  • Food allergies
  • Hypersensitivity to insect bites
  • Bacteria and yeast infections
  • Certain diseases

It’s fun to possess a healthy and vigorous dog. This site will be of help giving you detailed information on how you can effectively carry out this obligation.

Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Going All Scratchy

Below are the proven tips to stop your dog from itching;

  1. Using Yoghurt

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Yogurt is a best option for an itching skin owing to a yeast infection. It is known for boosting the immune system of an animal or human. It also relieves  dryness when rubbed on the skin and makes it comfortable for your pet.

How to apply

  • Rub some yoghurt on the skin of your dog
  • Leave it for two or more hours
  • Rinse in lukewarm water

This method could be given orally. Giving your dog yoghurt without additives to drink for a week stops itching and makes it stronger.

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Remember Happiness is a healthy puppy!

  1. Applying Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works like any normal oil. It moisturizes your dog’s skin, it increases healthy hair growth and keeps the dog trim and fit by boosting the immune system. This can serve as a good answer to your dog’s itch skin. It can be administered orally or rubbed into the skin.

You are to rub the oil occasionally on the place the dog itches.

  1. Washing your dog periodically

Just like humans, we feel cozy and comfortable after a warm bathe, this also happens to our pets. You gain the love and trust of your dog by bathing it occasionally. Using special skin wash like Borax and Peroxide helps greatly to treat an itching skin. When your dog is clean, it’s very difficult to see your dog itching. So bathe your dog at least twice in a week!

  1. Use lemon

This can help stop the rate of itching in your dog. Boiling it in hot water and bathing your dog with it is the best way to make use of it.

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  1. Give vitamins

Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Going All Scratchy

Vitamins are very essentially in the life of your pet. Virtamin E makes the skin moisturized which can reduce the itchy feeling your dog has. It also fastens hair growth and keeps your dog fit.

You break one capsule and get out the oil. The oil is to be rubbed directly on your dog’s skin. Repeating this daily fights off the feeling of itchiness on your dog.

Always remember, A happy dog is a happy you!

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