7 Easy Steps To Self Confidence In Your Body Image

Self Confidence In Your Body Image
7 Easy Steps To Self Confidence In Your Body Image

Easy Steps To Self Confidence – Most of us don’t particularly like our bodies and could produce a lengthy list of ‘faults’ quite easily. People who can’t accept their bodies are prone to desperately low self-esteem. They exhibit an above average degree of obsessive behaviors, eating disorders, self-hatred, se^ual dysfunctions and many other problems.Therefore, we must learn to accept our bodies with good grace and a touch of humour, to accept some of our so-called defects, and work on those which can be changed. If your confidence is affected by anything that can be improved, do it! Otherwise there’s no point in feeling sorry for yourself.

7 Easy Steps To Self Confidence In Your Body Image

Step 1: You need to ask yourself, what you think about your body shape and physical appearance? Think about what you like . Focus your attention on these parts. Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye and say, ‘I really like myself, Let your inner beauty shine through.

Step 2: Which parts of your body do you dislike ? Think about those you can do nothing about, it may be your shoe size, the length of your legs, birth marks, etc. As you look at yourself in the mirror,
just know that this is how your body is and repeat the affirmation:
‘This is me. I’m wonderful, aren’t I?’

Step 3: Now take the things about your body you don’t like and which can be changed, for example excess weight, poor muscle tone, greying hair and smoking-related afflictions. Now go through your list and mark-out those items you are willing to amend.  Consider a new hairstyle, a touch of hair dye, a tattoo, cosmetic surgery, dieting, a fitness regime, hypnotherapy to lose weight or quit smoking, contact lenses etc, all of which can make a huge difference to your self-esteem.

Step 4: Stop talking about things you dislike about your appearance. Moaning about something is not the same as doing something about it! If you’re not willing to do something, shut up. No one else wants to hear about it!

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Step 5: Take a good look at the way you dress. Do you wear what a confident person would? Try a new image, a change of style. Wear what would make you feel better. Confident people enjoy looking their best and know it does wonders for their confidence and self-esteem.

Step 6: Reflect on how much you are at ease with your se^ality. Working on your physical self- image is the key to se^al fulfillment. Se^al confidence is not about being comfortable with the other person, but about being comfortable with yourself.

Step 7: It is essential to stop making comparisons. Be aware of the physical capabilities that you have, can you walk, see, hear, speak? Millions can’t, so be grateful. You’re unique. Why not enhance your uniqueness?

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