7 Interesting Facts About Watermelon That Will Make You Eat It Everyday

7 Interesting Facts About Watermelon

Watermelon is now the most consumed melon. This cousin to pumpkins and cucumbers is believed to be of five types seeded, seedless, mini, yellow and orange. They contain alot of water and can remain edible for weeks as long as they were kept in a cool, shady area.


(Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus,family Cucurbitaceae) watermelon originated from southern Africa, it is a large annual plant, hairy pinnately -lobed leaves and it has white to yellow flowers. The fruit has a smooth hard back-usually green with yellow spots or green stripes. Its interior part is juicy, sweet, deep red or pink-with many seeds which can be black and hard, or white and soft.

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Watermelon is more than just sweet and delicious, you might think that you know much about this fruit but let me blow your mind. Now i will share with you 7 interesting facts about watermelon that will convince you to take the fruit daily.

   7 Interesting Facts About Watermelon

1.  Watermelon juice relieves muscle soreness. Research has found out that people who drink watermelon juice prior before workout has reduced muscle soreness 24 hours later compared to those who did not drink it.

7 Interesting Facts About Watermelon

2. Both the watermelon rind and seed is edible. Some people throw away the rind of watermelon-this is wrong, the rind of the watermelon contains blood building chlorophyll. Also, it has more amino acid citrulline than the pink or red flesh-helps in maintaining your immune system.

What is more interesting is that research has found the citrulline is converted to arginine the more your body can prevent accumulation of fat cells. The seed of the watermelon contains zinc, fiber, iron, protein which also promotes health.

3. Wwatermelon contains citrulline-helps in the production of nitric oxide which helps to dilate and relax the blood vessels.When the blood vessels are dilated this enables blood to pass better and it therefore lowers high blood pressure and other diseases like stroke, cardiac infarction.

4. Prevention of asthma: Consuming watermelon reduces the risk of asthma this is because of it’s high nutrients watermelon contains vitamin c.

5. Helps in digestion: Watermelon has a lot of water, because of this it aids digestion. It also has fiber which helps to prevent constipation and helps for a healthy digestive tract.

6. Watermelon helps improves the skin: Watermelon has antioxidants like vitamin C and E, and this two vitamins help to give you a bright and great skin.

7. Prevents hair loss: Vitamin c rich watermelon should be a part of everyone’s food daily because vitamin c promotes the growth of hair follicles. It also helps in weight loss, because of it’s high water content.

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