9 Best Freelance Websites To Find Jobs & Get Paid Easily

The number of freelance resources has been increasing over the years, with over 8 million jobs posted on these site Freelancer is one of the biggest players on the planet. Do you want to make some extra income or want to become a full-time freelancer, check out these 9 best freelance websites that can connect you with great work opportunities?

9 Best Freelance Websites

9 Best Freelance Websites With Great Work Opportunities

1. Upwork

Upwork is a platform that connects companies with over 10 million freelancers who are looking for contract jobs. No matter the level of your career, Upwork is likely to have something for you. It covers both short and long-term projects, hourly or per-project work, as well as expert-level and entry-level engagements.

2. Freelancer

Unlike most other platforms, freelance is a huge job board specifically for freelance jobs with millions of projects. Freelancer allows you to compete with other freelancers in contests to prove your skills, which is a great way to showcase your abilities and attract more clients.

3. Guru

This site gives you chance to showcase your past work experience. Search for over 3 million different services that are separated by categories on Guru.com

4. Toptal

Toptal is for seasoned, talented freelancers. Passing Toptal’s screening process gives you unparalleled access to meaningful projects with great clients (JPMorgan, Zendesk, Airbnb, etc.). You’ll also be able to join the Toptal community for frequent meetups and tech events.

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5. Peopleperhour

This is a great platform which focuses on freelancing for web projects. As a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, etc., consider peopleperhour for it definitely have something for you.

6. 99designs

99designs is a great way for talented designers to prove their talents. It lets you compete in design contests and get feedback from clients choose the best ones.

7. Demand Media

Demand Media is a platform for creative types, including writers, filmmakers, producers, photographers and many more. Create unique content, engage audiences and promote your talents on Demand Media.

8. GetACoder

This site is for freelance writers, web designers and programmers. GetACoder offers millions of smaller-scale projects to choose from.

9. Project4hire

With over hundreds of project categories, Project4hire makes it very easy to identify jobs that suit your skill-set. It’s great for coders, consultants, designers and many others.

Furthermore, another best freelance website to check out is Hubstaff Talent. This platform offers a free marketplace for connecting freelancers and employers. Not only that, it is actively used by over 8,000 agencies, freelancers, website owners and virtual teams all over the world.

Are you a programmer, designer, expert, college student etc, consider the above 9 Best Freelance Websites, which are waiting for you to explore them.

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