How To Access Website Without Internet Connection – See How

Access Website Without Internet Connection.

access website without internet connection

At last Google had brought out a novel feature that is beneficial to the Android users without an internet connection. This features makes it possible to save a complete website making it accessible anytime you want to make use of the website without a data connection.

This new update in chrome is called Downloads feature. It allows the android user to gain access to web pages without internet.

How You Can Access Website Without Internet Connection

This feature is a new development in Google chrome, to enjoy it you should simply download the latest version of Google Chrome from Playstore. When this is achieved, you are to download the webpage you wish to access anyday when you are online


The download feature is in Chrome’s Menu on the top right hand side of the browser. You should press the save icon to download the webpage.

Once this is achieved, you can access the website without an internet connection. To access the downloaded website you go to the download option from the menu bar.

This new significant feature comes to great use when an android user faces issues of network or when their data is exhausted.

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