How To Adopt a Child In Nigeria – Child Adoption Process in Nigeria

Children are gift from God to man, as they bring joy into any home or marriage. It’s quite unfortunate that not every couple has been blessed with it,children. In this case, if you are looking forward to adopt a child in Nigeria, then here are step guide to do that without any difficulty.

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Then this page will give you clear insight on how to go about it.

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Most times, it’s not easy, as it can be frustrating because the process can take up to 16 months or even 24 months as the case may be. But whichever, i believe that your own case is different.

Documents required To Adopt a Child in Nigeria

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decrees (if applicable)
  • Proof of Nigerian citizenship
  • Financial documentation
  • Police report

NOTE: Document and identity fraud is a very serious offense to the Nigerian government. However, according to the U.S Consulate General in Lagos, all adoption are to be investigated in person.

Before you begin the process, you must first choose an adoption service provider. This is because they are the one to conduct home study and as well assist with child placement. Then proceed to fill the Form 1-600(application for advanced processing of an orphan petition).

Not only that, you have to provide birth certificate, medical certificate of the fitness of the child, photographs of the child, photographs of the adoptive parents, letter of consent from biological parents (where necessary). Also power of attorney (where adopting parents are represented by a lawyer).

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Once that material is ready, then proceed to apply to the social welfare office in the state where the child lives. If you are found eligible, a referral letter will be given to you. Then the child will be matched to you.

How To Adopt a Child In Nigeria

The right authority in charge of Adoption in Nigeria is the magistrate court.

Submit your application to the authority.

You will be called for interview with Director Social Welfare/Representative on appointed date (from the state the child is resident).

Complete all appropriate forms and obtain list of requirements.

Additional Requirements For Child Adoption Process in Nigeria

Definitely, you need to fulfill these requirements if you want to adopt a child in Nigeria.

Age Requirement: The age requirement varies from state to state. But the prospective adoptive parents must be at least 25 years of age and 21 years older than the child. For married couple, one of the parents must meet the age requirement.

Residency: The law states that a parent-child relationship must have been established i.e temporary custody. Before the court makes final decision.

Marriage Requirement: In this case, both single and married parents can adopt a child. But a single person will not be allowed to adopt a child of opposite sex, except in rare circumstance. Due to child abuse and molestation. In majority of the states, married couples are required to adopt the child jointly. Furthermore, lesbians and gays couples may not be allowed to adopt in Nigeria, as the law prohibits same sex marriage.

Income: There is no stipulated income for adoptions.

So, if you want to adopt a child, make a move right now. If you have any question, kindly use the comment box below, and we shall respond to you as soon a possible.

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