Afghanistan News: Taliban Attack Afghan Troops

Not less than five Afghan troops have been killed in an attack by the Taliban militants in Afghanistan‘s east of of Kunar bordering pakistan.

Our sources said a group of Taliban militants, reportedly in Afghan army uniform, attacked a security check post in the province.

The Afghanistan‘s Defense Ministry spokesmen General Zahir Azimi also confirmed that seven Afghan troops were killed following the militant’s attack and a roadside bomb explosion in the past 24 hour but did not provide further information about the exact locations where the afghan soldiers were killed.

The volatile border area is dominated by the militant who often use explosive device to carry out their operations.

Casualties among afghan soldiers and the police have increased in the recent months as Taliban stepped up its attacks against the Afghan government, foreign forces and civilians. The group has vowed to escalate the attach before the US and NATO troops leave the war-torn country by the end of this year.


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