Airtel Health Insurance – How to Subscribe for Airtel Insurance

Airtel Health Insurance

Airtel Health Insurance – First i will brief you on what Airtel Insurance is and how it works.

What is Airtel Insurance?

Airtel Insurance is  is a free insurance policy for all Airtel subscribers aged 18-65 years old.

Airtel Insurance covers two events: Death and Hospitalization. The subscriber qualifies for a cash pay-out for any of these events, depending on the airtime recharged each month.

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The more you recharge, the more cover you earn, up to N 500,000 on life cover, and up to N 50,000 per hospitalization, up to 4 hospitalizations per year.

Who can sign-up for Airtel Health Insurance/Eligibility

Any customer between the ages of 18 and 65 years with a registered Airtel SIM who is a resident of Nigeria is eligible for cover. The customer must recharge at least N 1,000 per month to qualify for free insurance cover the following month.

Who is paid the insurance money/ Beneficiaries: In the event of a claim related to hospitalization, the beneficiary is the subscriber. In the event of the death of the subscriber, if the subscriber has not designated a next of kin for Airtel Insurance, the beneficiary will be assigned according to the below hierarchy:

  •     Person appointed as legal beneficiary/trustee by the courts of Nigeria
  •     The widow/widower of the subscriber (the first married spouse, if applicable)
  •     The child of the subscriber (oldest first)
  •     The parent of the subscriber (father first)
  •     The sibling of the subscriber (eldest first)

How to Claim and Get Paid

To claim and get your payment, all you need to do is just follow these steps:

  1. To make a claim, the next of kin should call 121.
  2. An agent will help you with the necessary documents and direct you to a convenient service point nearby.
  3. Claim payments will be made within 72 hours of receipt of all required documents and will be paid over bank drafts or electronic transfers.

How much does Airtel Insurance cost

Airtel Insurance is FREE for all registered Airtel customers. The insurance cover each month is determined by how much Airtel airtime you recharge on your number the prior month.

How To subscribe for Airtel Health Insurance

Dial *259# on any Airtel number and follow the subscription process. Simply provide your full name. After registration, you simply recharge more Airtel airtime to get more cover for free!

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